5 Ways To Give Your Home a Mindful Makeover

Mindfulness is the act of being present and aware of your surroundings, mood, and overall well being. In terms of mindfulness in the home, there are a few things you can do to create a calm and inviting space that makes you feel less stressed and more relaxed as you go about your day.

Take a look at our top five ways to give your home a mindful makeover, to improve both your physical and mental well being, and to get you feeling cool, calm and collected.


1. Clear Out Clutter and Start Fresh

If you find yourself easily distracted or find it difficult to feel relaxed at home, you should consider your everyday surroundings. They say a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind, so it’s time to clear out the chaos and start fresh. Giving your home a thorough clean is a great way to give yourself a blank canvas to work from, before you make any mindful changes.

Working from the ground up by cleaning your carpet with a Rug Doctor machine and Rug Doctor Odour Remover is a good first step, and will leave your carpet looking good and smelling fresh. Next, in the areas of your home where you go to feel relaxed - like your living room or bedroom, clear away any items that might add to the clutter, instead of bringing you joy or creating a sense of zen. Taking a minimalist approach to your home decor can reduce feelings of stress or anxiety, leaving you with a peaceful and inviting space.


2. Think About Colour and Lighting

Colour can play a huge role in the way that you feel around your home. Research shows that different hues and tones can have an affect on your mood, so choosing colours that create a sense of peace can help to make your home a more tranquil space.

Scandinavian interior design is a great example of how to bring soft, minimal tones inspired by nature into your home. Layering pale shades of blue, grey and white will create a sense of calm, while adding a wintery aesthetic to your interior. Bringing in hints of forest green will remind you of the great outdoors, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Rustic tones like burnt orange will bring feelings of warmth and comfort.

Lighting is another aspect of your home that can support a more mindful living space. Science has shown that indoor lighting can change the way you’re feeling, and significantly affect your mood, sleep, and even cognitive performance. When it’s time to wind down, opting for low lighting with a warmer hue will keep your emotions steady, and can improve your quality of sleep and overall well being.


3. Let Nature In

Incorporating natural elements like houseplants and wooden textures into your space will not only make it look good, but will also add life and vibrancy to your home. Certain houseplants even purify the air you breathe by removing airborne toxins that can come from things like harsh cleaning products, dense city centres, and general household germs. Click here to read more about indoor plants that improve the air quality in your home.


4. Engage Your Senses

There are many things you can do to engage your senses to create a more mindful living environment. Add different scents and fragrances throughout your home using candles and diffusers to make it feel like a spa resort to ease your mind. Using soft textures like fluffy throws, plush furniture and shaggy rugs, can add a sense of comfort and overall relaxation, especially after a long day.

Preparing your favourite meal can be a therapeutic process, so be sure to take the time to sit down and enjoy it in a relaxed environment. By eating mindfully and without any distractions, you restore your attention and slow down, making eating an intentional act instead of an automatic one.

Focusing on the sounds in your home can also affect how you’re feeling and your overall mood. Listening to calm music while you go about your day will slow down your heart rate and decrease your level of stress hormones. Search for relaxing playlists in your favourite music app so that you don’t even have to think about choosing the songs.


5. Create a Comfy Corner

Practising mindfulness and being present can be difficult if you’re constantly busy or going through life on autopilot. Creating a comfy corner in your home where you can really sit down and relax is a good way to add mindfulness to your routine.

Whether it’s literally a corner in your lounge, or a designated room in your house, use soft pillows and blankets to set up your perfect cosy spot. Use this area to get some quiet time after a stressful day, or to start practising guided meditation as part of your daily routine.


Making these small changes to your home can go a long way in creating a more peaceful and enjoyable space, leaving you feeling more relaxed and connected to your senses. Taking the time to focus on these aspects of your home will also positively affect your physical and mental well being in the long run.

If you need more advice to create a cleaning routine that works for you and your lifestyle, take a look at our Personalised Cleaning Guide using the link below.


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