Fanciest Doggo on the Block: Top 5 Dog Outfits

We've all seen those absolutely adorable little pups out and about wearing jackets that are cooler than our own - but did you know there are some really functional dog outfits available? Not only will your pup be the fanciest on the block, it will also be the warmest, driest and most visible.

We've put together a quick top five list exploring some of the great options out there - some of which you may not even know are available.


1. High-visibility Dog Coats

high vis dog vestNot only is this undeniably cute, but high-vis coats have become increasingly popular in the world of dog-fashion because of their functionality.

Imagine this. You're in the middle of a home renovation and there's a tonne of dangerous building materials all around your home. Tradesmen are coming in and out throughout the day, and there are big, obtrusive vans parked in the driveway. You can imagine how quickly this could become a dangerous environment for a small dog in amoungst the chaos! A high visibility jacket solves this problem, making sure that your doggo is nice and safe and everyone is aware of them throughout the day.

There's also the added benefit of a high-vis jacket when you take your dog for walks, especially if they're allowed off their leash. Just like cyclists need high-vis jackets, dogs are much safer with them too. They're made of fairly inexpensive material too - so they're a cheap and safe thing to have!

2. A  warm, winter coat

CaptureIf you're feeling the cold this winter, chances are your dog is feeling it too. All of those cold and frosty early morning walks, while really good for your pup, it can be a bit uncomfortable without an extra coat - especially if your dog's breed isn't particularly fluffy. Don't worry - there are plenty of warm and cosy winter jackets available for Rex and the gang.

Sometimes a concern for owners is the weight of the coat - you don't want your dog to feel uncomfortable walking around with a heavy jacket. Fortunately a lot of manufacturers make use of lightweight, warm materials such as microfleece, wool blends and sherpa to ensure comfort and mobility.

3. Rain Jacket

buy-dog-raincoats-waterproofThis one goes without saying - wet weather is unpleasant to walk in, and if your pup is walking five metres ahead of you, your umbrella isn't going to be doing him any favours. A little rain jacket is the perfect way to keep most of the damp off your dog when you're out and about, and prevent him shaking the water off on your favourite rug!

The main thing to think about here is whether or not your dog is comfortable. If you pop on a coat and your dog looks like he'd rather wear anything but, or he has his tail down between his legs, chances are he feels insecure. If this is the case, don't force your dog to keep it on.

If he's happy, then just make sure it fits well and isn't too tight, and check on whether your pup isn't overheating. You never know, he may be the fanciest dog on the block, and love it too.

4. The Classic Kiwi Swanndri

swanndri dog jacketAs a fellow kiwi brand, we just couldn't look past this absolute classic New Zealand fashion icon - the Swanndri. This time, the quintessential farm-wear has been adapted to keep dogs warm, dry and happy during long days on the farm, herding sheep and helping their owner out.

We probably don't have to tell you just how durable this coat is, but we will mention the super handy button pocket on the side. Need a little extra place to pop dog treats, or doggy bags? No worries. This side pocket it perfect to house these items and make sure they're on hand whenever you need them.

If you've got a Swanndri hanging in the cupboard yourself, why not pick a colour to match?

5. Camouflage Vests

bond-co-camouflage-khaki-and-tan-bomber-dog-jacket-s-a236785Something to consider if you enjoy hunting and have a dog that comes with you, a nice little camouflage vest serves two purposes here. Firstly, you don't have to worry about your pup blowing your cover anymore, this jacket will keep them out of sight of other animals while you're walking through the bush. It's also great for making sure your dog is nice and warm, and protected from the low hanging branches and shrubs in a hunting environment.

As you can see, dog-fashion isn't just about looking the best on the block - there are a tonne of functional reasons for jackets too! Let us know your favourite in the comments below.

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